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Introduction to the series: “How This Critter Crits.”

June 21, 2011

Five years ago I posted a series of articles on, arguably the premier website for writers and reviewers.  I was pleased have it received with considerable acclaim.  It started out as an explanation of my theory of reviewing, but along about the third chapter the perception of the readers seemed be that the series was turning into a manual on writing.   I claim no expertise in the teaching of writing, though I have been active in the craft for better than 60 years.

In the series of posts that follow, I would like to lay these chapters out on the table before you, the readers, with a hope that they will spark a dialogue, the results of which might enhance the level of reviewing and writing of all who choose to engage in the process.

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  1. Hello!
    As you know I have a website, and have been kind enough to visit it, you will know that I still have much to learn about writing.self-depractory
    That is not really meant to be self criticism, but recognition that there is always room for improvement.
    I have tried writing fiction but dislike being a small fish in an enormous ocean.
    Instead I write a website about things that I enjoy.

    • I really do appreciate your stopping by to visit my blog. I hope you’ll be a frequent visiter here. I’ll be letting you know by Twitter when a new post comes out. You ARE appreciated.


  2. Congrats on the new blog! Love the layout.

  3. You know Jay, I’ve always been workin out the kinks in me spellngs and gremmars. But I do prefer to wing the righting thingers with descipting me noouns withmuchlesses I describems.

    I hope that you did NOT read my poem. Cuz I just had a thought! I so can use it to harass eh, chat with you. heehee Wait… If you didn’t read it, then my harassment, um… I mean my joke wont be funny. :-/ Hm.. Think I’ll have to do something to solve think hitch in my get-along! … Ok. No worries!!! I’ll just post my poem to your blog! THAT’S RIGHT!!!

    The title is “Talk To Me”

    Talk to me!

    I am young, only in mind. Sad for me, but you are both – in mind and body.

    The mind and body are one and the same – in spirit.

    Set your spirit to soar and explore, as one from me, with your mind and body – be free.

    Freely, they have joined and they have soared. Now perched for you – to explore.

    If only I were free to teach a class, I would have you, front and center – but a las…

    Unwise! For jealously… I shall hold my Master’s attention!

    Responsible, I care to be, for your tutelage – Easily.

    My knees Stand between my Master’s feet, my head upon thy knee.

    Then – it must be.

    Pleases me, you are thoughtful and willing – to receive me.

    You understand freely, privately, Master shares and teaches – only thee.

    Grateful to you, I shall be… Please, take hold – guide me.

    To feel you pleased, my mind and body shall freely join – most anxiously!

    Master, talk to me.

    Yes, lovely Charge. My spirit shall perch next to thee, soaring, while guiding thee – nearer to me.

    Yes Master. Thankful, I shall always be, for our words are the means, for you and for me – to be free.

    Only in my words to thee, I do swear – to always share, that-which is not free – In Reality.

    Talk to me…

    Written By,
    Vonda Norwood


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    • Your poem, Vonda, deserves a blog posting of its own. Yet, knowing you, you just dashed it off as an afterthought. It is as uncensored as your erotic novels and therein’s the feeling of spontaneity that sparkles like bursts of flagrant energy off your words. “My knees Stand between my Master’s feet, my head upon thy knee.
      “Then – it must be.”
      My favorite line.
      Are you familiar with the poetry of John Donne? Meaning comes out unexpectedly from incongruity — as in his “The Flea”, where he rhapsodizes over a flea that bit his lover and then himself. And the meaning of the poem becomes the mingling of the blood; and the reader couldn’t ask for a bitter description of love. There is something intensely spiritual, yet sensual, in your poem, Vonda. I hope you continue your exploration in that medium.

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