Before the beginning,

When there was only God,

He writhed with the pain

Of Heaven and Earth

Within His Belly.

He birth’d and then…

There was the Sun,

Distanced from the Nebula;

And the Sun looked out

From the Nimbus

Of his savage heat

And he saw only the Darkness

That he illuminated;

And he felt the pain

Of his own congestion of Alchemy.

On the first day

Out of necessity, he spewed out Earth,

While he remained Earth’s Heaven.

And Earth, as a remnant

Of the pain of birth,

Circled ever around him,

Desiring the fatal re-union.

The Earth, revolving, desirous of love,

And unable to approach

The love it desired,

Spewed up from its entrails —

Out of its desire —

Man and Woman,

Who would forever remain rooted,

Not out of love,

But out of Law

To its mother, the Earth.

So the Sun established the pattern:

Necessity out of pain.

The Earth established the pattern:

Desire birthing its own necessity.

The Sons and Daughters

Of the Sun’s Earth

Established the pattern of both:

Law, which they defied;

Desire, which they deified.

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8 thoughts on “THE BOOK OF GENITALS

  1. As a lifelong seeker, I read the “Book of Genitals” with a broad smile, appreciating the depiction of creation full of joy, humor and pain, and the unique presentation, motivated by universal love and desire, the result … growth … or evolution of planet earth and the inhabitants. I am guessing that piece of work flowed rather like taking dictation. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Or, could be.. that one can be so desperate to experience the joining that it is willing to suffer. How about that?
        Or.. cuz humans are so freakin smart that we are stupid and pain brings to our minds a sense of importance that we would not feel – if not for the pain. Ya know, like child birth. Nothing more important than a child. Nothing more painful then giving birth… Ya know?


    Vonda! Hi! I’ve been thinking a lot about this poem. As I already pointed out, there are some interesting connections with John Donne’s “The Flea”. Today, I posted my poem “The Book of Genitals”. It and “The Flea” and “Talk To Me” illustrate my point that the further you delve into the Spiritual the surer you are to arrive at the Sexual. The Mingling of the lovers’ blood in the flea, the S-E-X-U-A-L closeness between you and your Master: “To feel you pleased, my mind and body shall freely join – most anxiously!” And, another (but similar) type of exploration can be found (if you look) in “The Book of Genitals”.

    There is a need, deeper than the sexual urge, to unite,[or, dare I say it: RE-UNITE] at the profoundest levels, with the SPIRIT of one’s lover. This can also go far to explain the connection between pain and sexual pleasure. Pain describes the intensity of the desire for union. But, it’s all there … and a breath away from the spiritual.

    This is why — in my comments that dissolved in the ether along with my crashing computer — I said I wasn’t sure if you, being so close to it, were aware of how spiritual your poem was.

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    message 2: by Vonda (last edited 7 hours, 6 min ago) 7 hours, 7 min ago
    When I wrote it, I was aware of nothing. When I read it, I was surprised how it seemed to be sexual. I told Regina, “I think it’s about a student/teacher relationship”. LOLOLOL I read it over and over again and it seems to be about two people who have need to relate to each other.. no matter what. I just love it!

    LOLOLOL You’re such a thinker!!! Pain is for those who are not sensitive to feel. Must hit harder…ETC… Even the softest touch can be overwhelmingly felt by a sensitive soul.


    DOES THAT SAY GENITALS? LOLOLOL This I gotta read!!!

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    message 3: by Jay 6 hours, 52 min ago
    “Pain is for those who are not sensitive to feel. Must hit harder…ETC… Even the softest touch can be overwhelmingly felt by a sensitive soul.”

    AMEN, sister (which may be why Catholicism desexualized the nuns, so they wouldn’t hanky-panky with the priest, they chose to name father — to further distance them). Just bein’ silly. But, I do like your comment about sensitivity.

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    message 4: by Vonda 6 hours, 43 min ago
    LOLOL Man, you’re in a mood! I believe that just because something can relate, doesn’t always mean that they connect. :-/

    Sometimes a smack is just a smack. LOLOLOLOLOL

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    message 5: by Vonda (last edited 4 hours, 30 min ago) 4 hours, 31 min ago
    Jay wrote: “Vonda! Hi! I’ve been thinking a lot about this poem. As I already pointed out, there are some interesting connections with John Donne’s “The Flea”. Today, I posted my poem “The Book of Genitals…”

    Ok, I’ve been thinking about this flea thing… Not sure if my thoughts can be organized, but I’m gonna try:

    See, sex and sexuality are such strong natural needs to acquire and share, that when John Donne talks about the flea, relating it in a sexual and romantic manner, he also is relating it in a scientific manner. Our sexual desires/thoughts can help us learn science. Weird huh? I just keep thinkin about the flea, mixing of the blood and how that could have taught a person with a scientific mind to explore medically. John Donne’s poem could have inspired someone’s scientific intelligence!!! It’s not sexy, but sexy thoughts can cause scientific thoughts… That’s another reason why a person should write exactly what they’re feeling and thinking and then SHARE IT!!!

    I gotta get to writing my erotica series! Maybe it could solve world wide hunger!!! or not.

    ??? LOLOL

    Thank you for your sharing!!!


  3. I was thinking about your poem.. seems to me that you are saying, to have desire – causes need, to have need – causes pain and from pain is when action is acquired.

    Were you immersed in Native American culture around the time of this poem? May explain your mind’s need to describe many Tribal peoples’ belief that humans belong to the earth, rather than the earth belonging to the people.

    Just a thought to you, before I move along with my writings.
    It’s a very nice, thought provoking poem that makes people come up with thoughts of their own. Really nice work!!!

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