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CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN … because its there!

June 28, 2013


End of 1st Day Stats

high peak winning 


This is the first Stats Blog for my promotion.  I feel the need to stall for a moment.  Of course you will forgive me:

You know …  there is a story behind the title of my short story collection, just as I’m sure there’s a story behind your book’s title.  I am interested in the genesis of things like that, how the original thought came to you, how and why it was modified.  Many times, just as it is with the germ of a story, what you end up with bears little relation to the idea with which you started.

The title for my book started with a false assumption.  You see, I always thought The Greatest Story Ever Told wasStory the Greatest synonymous with The Bible .  I thought that title existed, as a kind of subtitle, alongside the Bible for—well, forever.  It never dawned on me that young people of today may never have heard of The Greatest Story Ever Told!    

I don’t remember, now, what made me Google it.  It was too late anyway.  My short story collection with a very similar—with an intentionally very similar, I might add—title had already gone into e-publication and the cover with my title emblazoned on it was part of the total package.

                                                    [820 more words]

So, what’s the deal?  According to Wikipedia the title The Greatest Story Ever Told was the name of a 1947 radio series that broadcast half-hour stories inspired by the Gospels.  It was that writer who came up with the name.  It was later adapted into a novel, by Fulton Ouster which bore the same title and later an acclaimed movie.

I only say this because The Bible has staying power.  A movie about a book about a radio program is lucky to last past the generation that birthed it.  I was there.  I remember the movie and I thought The Greatest Story Ever Told was the Bible

More importantly … I thought everyone today knew implicitly that The Greatest Story Ever Told   =  the Bible. 

Along came the completion of my short story collection.  What to title it?  What … to … title it?  I knew it had to be a catchy title.  Also (and I know this may sound immodest, but I’m gonna say it anyway, so stand back), I knew that my short stories represented the best examples of my writing.  I thought, yeah,  these are the best stories I’ve ever told.  Immediately, the other title popped into my mind: The Greatest Story Ever Told.  Remember, I was thinking THE BIBLE.  I couldn’t allow myself to blaspheme the Bible by announcing that mine were The Greatest Stories Ever Told. 

But I could allow myself to play around with it.  First of all, I liked the idea of parody, So I capitalized the title: THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.  I knew I had to emphasize the fact that mine was a collection of short stories, so in the title I put an X across the “y” in STORY and in brackets I printed in lower case [-ies].  But STORY [-ies] needed to be further broken down.  That was easy enough: I added, also in lower case, short before STORY [-ies].  The parody came in when I inserted between STORY [-ies] and EVER, enclosing it also in brackets and using lower case [I’ve].

And, of course I came up with “THE GREATEST short STORY[ies] [I’ve] EVER TOLD”

I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  These are the greatest short stories I’ve ever told.  Confidence, yes!  Braggadocio?  Decidedly not!

It would be helpful, though, if the biblical reference were recognized by everyone!

So … what’s the story behind your Title?  Come on, you know your title is in the closet somewhere!  It’s time for it to come out of the closet!


Okay, okay … now, as promised … the stats for Day 1 of the promo.  I owe a debt of thanks to Cheryl Kaye Tardif whose excellent book How I Made Over $42,000 in One Month Selling My Kindle eBooks served as a guide for this promotion.  [Now only $00.99 on Amazon]  Her book is well written, easy to follow, and stands as testimony to her marketing skills.  Also, she was kind enough to look up (in a locale deep in the Amazon ethers, unfathomable by the likes of me), and provide me my beginning stats for current ranking for total books sold.  As you’ll see, I have no place to go but up.

I’m stalling, yes, I know I’m stalling, but without further ado, here are my beginning sales rankings for “THE GREATEST short STORY[ies] [I’ve] EVER TOLD”:  942,925  (I felt like tweeted back after getting these figures, “It couldn’t have been 57,075 freakin’ points lower in the pit so I’d crack an even MIL?!!”  But, I didn’t.  Now, what we (at least what I) have been waiting for:

 Total Free Books Given away at end of the 1st day (12 midnight):                                    114

Ranking in Kindle Free Books end of 1st day (12 midnight):                                           #1,994

Ranking in Kindle Free Short Story Collections end of 1st day (12 midnight):         #28

 The beginning sales ranking for RSVP: Invitation to an Alchuklesh Massacre is 701,772.  Tomorrow’s post will show its totals for giveaways.

 Okay, it’s a starting place.  Right?  And, it should give every single Kindle Author out there vast hope!  Now, I need you more than ever before, today, to help me claw my way up out of the pit.  You can do that by getting your free copy of each of my books.  Then, maybe you can read a chapter out of the one and a short story out of the other so you can see there is something sparkly and good there—enough so that you can tell your friends, relatives and neighbors and pets about what a great [free] deal this is.  Okay, only pets who own a computer or Kindle Fire!  Geez!

But, will you do that for me?  I know you will! *confident smile*

If you haven’t read the 6/25 post Reluctant Manifesto I urge you to do it.  For one thing the exhortation below will have loads more meaning:

Just remember the closing prayer from the stage of America’s Got Talent.  Don’t let these Stats Blogs come to that!

Thank you, all you lovely people!

See you Tomorrow!





  1. Reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:
    Onward and Upward… my quill-scraping, promo-bashing buddy, Jay Squires puts his best pitch forward …:))

  2. From this pitchman to the GIANT OF PITCHMEN … thank you, Seumas!

  3. I’ll start reading Ms. Tardif’s book this weekend! Thanks again Jay!

    • You are quite welcome, Teresa! I think you’ll get a lot out of Cheryl’s book. She is a real person, and caring! And, thank you for so kindly ReBlogging my post. It was sweet of you.

  4. Reblogged this on teresaafederici and commented:
    Words of wisdom, and an excellent post!

  5. Just got your RSVP off Amazon will read asap. I don’t have a Kindle, but can read on puter. Thanks and happy about you publishing!

  6. Okay, have the Greatest Stories one also…away I go.

    • You are a blessing, Patti! Sorry I didn’t see this until just a few hours before the “Greatest” promo ends. I would love to have given you my appreciation dance as soon as you posted it. THANKS!

      • I’ve read the 1st four stories and love them. You are an incredibly talented writer, in my humble opinion. Your writing shines a light on your education, experience, and creative mind. Every story is a mystery, making me want to read what’s next and next and…
        Really, Jay, this is wonderful reading.
        I have to read it on my computer, so there are no page numbers or author name on page headers or footers. I think “they” should work on that. You prob already know, but in first story you wrote lover instead of love…wish I could give you a page number.
        I did also twitter and fb your books.
        Good luck,

      • I finally caught your very generous comment on my post. I left an answer there to your comment. I want to thank you here as well. You are a blessing!

  7. Patti, you are a gem! You’ve said some incredibly wonderful things about my stories. I’m thrilled you chose to share them with my readers here From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! I don’t remember whether you got RSVP also. I hope you did. Today’s the last free day for it.

    • Yes, I got them both, but I start Camp NaNoWriMo tomorrow, so my reading will be taking a side line to writing like crazy.
      You are so welcome…I would not say it if it weren’t true (about your writing).

      • Work hard on your NaNoWriMo. Heard a lot about it, but never did it. I know it’s rigorous, so don’t worry about reading. And, thank you for the kind words about my writing.

      • You are so welcome. This is the Camp so it is a little looser than the November challenge. I’ve been such a writing addict lately that it will interesting to see where a little discipline will take my writing.

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