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June 30, 2013

STATS:  The Tale of the Tape

Every now and then I hear about a person who doesn’t own a Kindle and assumes he’s out of luck when it comes to buying Amazon eBooks.  Because Amazon is in the book selling business and are savvy enough to know that not everyone owns a Kindle eReader.  So, they’ve made it easy for almost anyone to buy their books.  They’ve developed a free app called Kindle on PC.  Here’s the link to it:

Now, let me explain why I downloaded Kindle on PC even though I own, and love, my Kindle Fire.

1.  When I purchase (or get a free!) eBook from Amazon it goes to both my Kindle Fire and my PC.  And, this is really sweet …   two is better

2.  Let’s say I read several pages or chapters on my “Fire” in the morning, and I want to continue on where I left off in the evening on my PC.  I don’t have to search for where I left off.  It automatically syncs to the furthest page read!

3.  I am a note taker, an underscorer and a bookmarker.  Both Kindle Fire & Kindle on Pc have all those functions—but with a difference.  All eBook products pride themselves on their portability. Kindle is no exception.  My “fire” is small, but my fingers are large.  I prefer to type my notes on my PC keyboard.  On my Kindle on PC my bookmarks show at the top of the page, but all of them are organized, so by clicking on the icon, all are laid out for with glasses  By clicking on any one of them I am transported to that page of document.  Nifty.

4.  These 73 year old blue beauties are farsighted, even with corrective lenses.  While I can enlarge the print on my “Fire” it reduces the number of words on the screen.  I want to read more than ten lines before going to the next page.

I like the fact that I can take my “fire” with me anywhere.  That’s nice.  I wouldn’t take my laptop in the potty room.  But, if I’m at my computer, reading, the Kindle on PC wins hands down!

So, if you haven’t already downloaded your Free Kindle on PC, do yourself a favor and download it right now!

Lest we forget, Kindle apps are also available for phones as well.

And now for the Stat-ticular updates:


Final Tally


Total Books Given away End of 3rd day:  161

Ranking in Kindle Free Books end of 3rd day (12 midnight): #3,746

Ranking in Kindle Free Short Story Collections end of 2nd day (12 midnight): #57

For “RSVP …”


Total Books Given away End of 2nd day:  20

Ranking in Kindle Free Books end of 2nd day (12 midnight): # 4,833

RSVP: Invitation To An Alchuklesh MASSACRE

RSVP: Invitation To An Alchuklesh MASSACRE

Ranking Free Mystery/ Hard Boiled: #26

Ranking Free. Crime: #68


Just to tell you, it’s not the end of the tally road for THE GREATEST short STOR[ies] [I’ve] EVER TOLD.  It’s really just the beginning.  Sure, no more freebies.  Now, the interested reader will have to dig into his or her wallet or purse—but not too deep, dear friends!  They’ll be able to get the cream of MY crop of short stories for only $2.99.  Now, if the buzz was buzzy enough during the Free Promo, my understanding is that people will still continue to download it for weeks afterwards.

Soooo, That said, what I’m gonna do is have a final tally PAID STATS party seven days after this promo ends for both books.  (Hold on while I run to the calendar!)  Okay, that would put it at July 7, In The Year of Our Lord, 2013.  Yes, the kid’s pulling out all the stops in making this official!

Now, before I go … let me remind you this is the final day of the FREE PROMOTIONAL for RSVP: INVITATION TO AN ALCHUKLESH MASSACRE 

If you haven’t yanked it off the virtual bookshelf yet, push, shove, scratch and maul your way to the download button… now!

Thanks, and I love you all!


  1. Readers will always find a way to enjoy their passion 😀

  2. In point 3 and 4 you mention the issue of small screen on your Kindle Fire.

    I have addressed the issue of size in E-reader review/post here:

    Interestingly enough, an E-Reader for you is Kindle Fire which is in fact a Tablet and not the original E-Ink E-Reader….

    And hey, good luck with the Tallies! My understanding is the paid stats often fall drastically. But still free promo feature is a great way to share one’s writing and create a buzz.

    Buzz Buzz!!…….

    • Thank you, Rajiv. I’ll check out your post. I’m certainly no expert on any of the devices and am only speaking off the cuff about why I found the Kindle on PC helpful. I sure appreciate your frequent visits on my blog site, Rajiv.


  3. Reblogged this on Seumas Gallacher and commented:
    Jay squires updates on his trip into the Amazon Kindle promo jungle…

  4. J. b. Villegas permalink

    So happy for you, Jay. Keep the downloading of your books..even long after the promo.  Take care JB


    • Thanks, JB. If it seems like I have been inactive on the internet today, it’s because I’ve been babysitting my four grandchildren today and their internet wi fi was on the blink. But, I’ll start tomorrow sending out a tweet an hour. Who knows…

  5. Thanks for dropping by and following “Honey.” Will return after the post wedding guests depart.

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