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February 16, 2017


Time to take a ten-fingered grip around the neck of my WORDPRESS Blog Title, “Septuagenarian Journey,” give it a full-fledged throttle. If it lives through it, I need to take it as a sign from the high gods of the blogosphere to Journey or get off the pot.

I think it’s been over a year I’ve been ON the pot. I’ve cleaned myself out of some tired notions of what my blog should and should not do. I wiped my brow, ’cause some of those notions were hard to get rid of. And now I’m ready to start having a good time.

Having a good time doesn’t mean eschewing the serious, or alternatively, skipping along to the dainty ephemera. There should be some nourishment underlying both the heavy and the light.

I have a couple more good years before I’ll need to change the title of my blog to “Octogenarian Journey.”

So why not let the good times begin? As long as you allow me a week or so to shake something out of this head o’ mine, and sweep it into some sort of order.

Until then … look before you flush.

  1. Shauna-Lea Casteel permalink

    Hi Mr. Squires! You had autographed “The Dead of Winter” for me many moons ago when I worked with your daughter (who I miss dearly). Your book has easily been one of my most favorite reads. Unfortunately I lent it to a coworker last year and he has since moved and relocated my precious book with him. I would like to use it for my final project in my English 3140 class next semester. Is there anyway I can get another autographed book from you?

    I am glad you did not flush your Septuagenarian Journey down, and I am excited to see what kind of good times it will offer.

    • Shauna-Lea, I would be delighted to get you another copy of “The Dead of Winter.” Do you still live in Bakersfield? How can I get it to you?


      • Shauna-Lea Casteel permalink

        Unfortunately I am no longer in Bakersfield. If I purchase a book online can I send it to you for autographing?

      • Shauna, send me an email at with your address. I’d love nothing more than to send you out an autographed copy. Your doggedness in wanting another copy for one you loaned out is so gratifying. Don’t worry about the cost. Consider it a gift from an author who has been truly complimented.

  2. I’ve missed you Jay. Looking forward to catching you again. Blessings! Sarah

    • Sarah, You have always been a special person to me. Thanks for reading this–and more–responding to it. It encourages me to continue on.

  3. Jay! Welcome back to the blogosphere, ol’ bean! I’ve missed you, as have so many others. Your unwavering support for me will never be forgotten, and now I can use my feeble influence to attempt to return the favor. Welcome again!

  4. Bless you, Jim. It really feels good to be back, welcoming friends like you. Any new projects Twitter should know about?

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