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Five MAGICAL STEPS to dump the BLUES and Scoop Up Scads of PASTELS

February 19, 2017

Some things grow best in dampness and darkness. Like mushrooms … and the blues. Neither need much outside help: just soggy, mushy conditions … and darkness. They thrive if you just let ‘em be.

Dry ‘em off, take ‘em out of darkness, give ‘em a healthy dose of the sun, and both will stop growing. You’ve stunted that phase of their growth—PROVIDED THEY STAY THERE.

 Bad … if you’ve got a steak, waiting for its hooded fungus, its mushrooms.

 Good, though … if your dose of the sunlight, hints that there just might be more to life than the blues.

 I structured the above sentence advisedly. Some people have been down in the dumps, or blue, or depressed, so long that the sunlight might present itself as an actual threat, or an illusion, or at best, simply a vague hint of something better.

 Unless they MAKE THE CHOICE to explore the possibility that there might be more to life than the blues … well, it might be EASIER to slip back to the slush and sludge and the darkness. They’re used to it after all. They’ve grown to accept it as their lot in life. Besides, most of the people they know live here, or visit so frequently they might as well take up residence.

 The operative words here are “MAKE THE CHOICE” and “EASIER.”

 When I show you the 5 magical steps to dump the blues and scoop up scads of pastels, there is a psychological precedent that “Making the Choice” is to be the number one step, and that the steps that follow are SEQUENTIAL. In fact, the MAGIC resides, in part, in the sequence in which the steps are followed.


MAKING THE CHOICE: Every single morning, upon awakening (not after a trip to the bathroom, not after breakfast, but upon awakening), you need to intone (preferably with a smile), “I CHOOSE to live TODAY in CONSCIOUSNESS of JOY and POSITIVITY.” KEEP REPEATING IT UNTIL YOU FEEL THE TRUTH OF ITS CHALLENGE IN YOUR HEART.

 The magic isn’t in the structure of the above “mantra.” If you feel more comfortable with it restructured, certainly do so … but the capitalized words are so essential, I’ve enlarged on them below:

       I CHOOSE: You freely choose to do this yourself. No one is coercing you.

       TODAY: Just today. “Forever,” “A year,” A month,” are too vast. Slow, incremental progress is what the soul needs. If you push yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

       CONSCIOUSNESS: Reminding yourself to be aware. The famous 19th century spiritualist, G.I. Gurdjieff, called the process “self-remembering.” But it’s one to not stress overly about. It will improve with practice.

        JOY: An inward awareness that can’t be kept inside. This is, at one and the same time, part of the process and the goal!

       POSITIVITY: We all know when we have a positive thought, and when we have a negative one. Accept that, but, don’t stress over it. Some negativity is necessary to keep our ego in check. (Otherwise, what’s the value of a conscience?) And much of what we don’t need will diminish as the other Magic steps are practiced.



Purposefully, making a difference in another person’s life: Don’t underestimate the IMPORTANCE of this one.     It should be planned for in advance and done WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION OF REWARD. It can be as little as a genuine smile and kind words to a stranger, or as time-involving as the offer to grocery shop, or to do some yard work for a shut-in.  

       THE TRANSFORMATIVE ASPECT: You are searching your mind and heart for ways to gratify needs of other-than-self. The search is as important as the follow-through … but only if there is a follow-through.

        THE LEARNING CURVE … Work through what might be initial difficulties. While your motives will be pure, the recipient might be suspect, or might be inexperienced in demonstrating appreciation. Such attitudes should be accepted graciously (while you identify “poor me” or “I-get-no-respect” negative thoughts popping up in your mind).



Assuming you’re grounded in your first-of-the-day Commitment to Spiritual Excellence, and you’re fully on-board with the spiritual dynamics of purposefully making a difference in another person’s life … I invite you to resume reading the remaining Magical Steps by  VISITING:  Once there, click on “Lifestyle” and look for Part II of the Magical Steps.

If you choose to read the remainder of the steps in this blog, it will post in approximately a week.

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