SECOND ANNUAL SHOCK-O-RAMA SHOW (another hundred-word challenge)


bird cage feathers

A TRIUMPHANT MARLEY CHANSON casts the net of his soiled grin upon each of the waiting contestants, thinking, a bold, riveting presentation, Marley—a winner. Out of the opposing chair, “Squeaky” tumbles to her crown; her revolver, sliding from her lap, clatters beneath her. Beside Marley, Leslie—the next to perform—rises on wobbly legs, then spews a technicolor spiral, painting Chirpie’s open-doored cage, and spattering Marley’s left shoe and cuff.
       THE SERGEANT-AT-ARMS seethes. “Excessive Shockery!” He jerks Marley from his chair, avoiding his still-sticky fingers, and escorts him to the exit.
       MARLEY SWALLOWS BACK rising feathers and their coppery effluvia.

6 thoughts on “SECOND ANNUAL SHOCK-O-RAMA SHOW (another hundred-word challenge)

    1. Yes, Marley Chanson (which is a little syllable reversal on the name), indeed ate the bird. And I’m glad you got the vicarious taste of it. Don’t worry about my sanity. I haven’t experienced that in years, LOL.

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