SECOND ANNUAL SHOCK-O-RAMA SHOW (another hundred-word challenge)


bird cage feathers

A TRIUMPHANT MARLEY CHANSON casts the net of his soiled grin upon each of the waiting contestants, thinking, a bold, riveting presentation, Marley—a winner. Out of the opposing chair, “Squeaky” tumbles to her crown; her revolver, sliding from her lap, clatters beneath her. Beside Marley, Leslie—the next to perform—rises on wobbly legs, then spews a technicolor spiral, painting Chirpie’s open-doored cage, and spattering Marley’s left shoe and cuff.
       THE SERGEANT-AT-ARMS seethes. “Excessive Shockery!” He jerks Marley from his chair, avoiding his still-sticky fingers, and escorts him to the exit.
       MARLEY SWALLOWS BACK rising feathers and their coppery effluvia.


Dear Reader:

I’ve a challenge to toss you. (Call it a gauntlet.)

imagesI READ A BLOG POST YESTERDAY by a blogster/friend who, try though she may, could not muster up the enthusiasm to follow the goals she had set for herself.  Been there, and more time than I’d care to admit! And if you’re human–especially if you are a human involved in creativity, I daresay you’ve visited that wasteland of procrastination and fading dreams yourself.

SONIA G MEDEIROS … this is for you … kind of an addendum. Yours was the post I read yesterday for which I left a comment. The comment must have lacked the degree of merit I’d desired, else it wouldn’t have been niggling at me the rest of that day and into the evening. In a nutshell what I advised you was, pretty much, to overcome your lack of enthusiasm by being enthusiastic. I think I had a fancier–at least wordier–way than that of saying it. Continue reading “THE 100-WORD CHALLENGE”